2017 Amateur Nature Photo Contest

Best in Show - Little Red, Erik Huebler

2018 Photo Contest Winners

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Best in Show - Little Red, Erik Huebler
1st - The One-Legged Singers, Jeff Guettinger
2nd - Hanging in There - Norma Larabee Gabriel
3rd - Where’s Mom - Bob Jankowski
Honorable Mention - Morning Stretch - Erik Huebler
Honorable Mention - See Me….if you can, Linda Nicastro
Honorable Mention - Pheasant Surprise, Shirley Zimmerman
Honorable Mention - Celebration, Erik Huebler
Honorable Mention - Shadow Dancer, Ryan Zimmerman

1st Place - Mink Run, Erik Huebler
2nd Place - Landing Gear Down, Terry Boorman
3rd Place - Siesta Time, Hope Rutledge
Honorable Mention - Enthusiast, Brian Thompson
Honorable Mention - Wait Your Turn, Pat Moser
Honorable Mention - Bumble Bee on Oregano, Rachel Kohn
Honorable Mention - Black Damselfly, Rachel Kohn
Honorable Mention - Perfect Pollinator, Shirley Zimmerman
Honorable Mention - Brotherly Love, Linda Nicastro

Plants, Landscapes and Natural Objects
1st Place - Close of Day - Koan Huebler
2nd Place - Little Manitou Falls, Pat Moser
3rd Place - Winter Time, Heidi Tubbs
Honorable Mention - Frederickson Minnow House, Lloyd Fleig
Honorable Mention - Bogged Down, Brian Rohland

Art in Nature
1st Place - Clouds of the Lake, Brian Rohland
2nd Place - Polyphemus Eyeshadow, Erik Huebler
3rd Place - Northern Lights, Pat Moser
Honorable Mention - Golden Hair Surprise, Rachel Kohn
Honorable Mention - The Parasols, Koan Huebler

Beaver Creek Reserve
1st Place - Curious, Heidi Tubbs
2nd Place - Buzz Feed, Erik Huebler
3rd Place - Pretty in Purple, Norma Larabee Gabriel

People Connecting With Nature
1st Place - Daybreak Kayaking, Heidi Tubbs
2nd Place - Steamy Sunrise at the Lake, Rachel Kohn
3rd Place - BWCA Glass, Bob Jankowski

1st Place - Beautiful Butterfly, Alyssa Tubbs
2nd Place - Winter Wonderland, Alyssa Tubbs
3rd - Beauty at Best From Mother Nature, Paige Bunkelman
Honorable Mention - Walk Like a Goose, Addison Zimmerman
Honorable Mention - The Rainbow Sky, Paige Bunkelman

Honorable Mention – Caution Beaver at Work, Addison Zimmerman
Honorable Mention - Sunny Sunflower Patch, Alyssa Tubbs
Honorable Mention - Soaring Above the Trees, Addison Zimmerman

1st Place - Once Upon a Ribbit, Jessica Kerckhove
Honorable Mention - Eastern Hognose Snake 2, Angela Dedrickson
Honorable Mention - Hobbit Staircase, Bob Jankowski