Bluebird Restoration Project

Bluebird Restoration Project

The Bluebird Restoration Project bridges the gap between technology and nature by creating a venue for PEOPLE of all ages to monitor bluebird nest boxes.

An online venue has been created for those who want to participate in helping with Beaver Creek Reserve’s managed bluebird nest trails. The Bluebird Restoration Project is due to a collaboration of teachers, parents, children, scout leaders, young adults, senior citizens, students, and the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire who have all joined together with Hickory Hills Golf Course, Beaver Creek Reserve, Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin, and Cornell's NestWatch.

Goals of the Bluebird Restoration Project:

  • Increase the number of bluebirds and other cavity-nesting birds in the area
  • Heighten awareness and knowledge about bluebirds and their habitat
  • Provide an activity that engages young people in a positive outdoor experience
  • Integrate an online data entry system
  • Develop a greater awareness and enjoyment of the beauty and wonder of bluebirds and other cavity-nesting songbirds
  • Encourage participants to monitor the nestboxes weekly

Beaver Creek Reserve funds the Bluebird Restoration Project through sponsorships and donations.