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Beaver Creek Reserve is operated by the Friends of Beaver Creek Reserve which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations to Beaver Creek Reserve help us continue our mission of connecting people with nature.

Donate to our Annual Mission Fund

Last year, we celebrated 75 years since Beaver Creek Reserve's establishment in 1947. Our goal was to raise $75,000 in 2022 towards our 75th Anniversary Annual Fund to help recognize this exciting milestone! This year, we're expanding the fund to the "Annual Mission Fund," dedicated to supporting all aspects of Beaver Creek Reserve and to recognize all the people, programs, and partnerships that help us meet our mission of connecting people with nature each year. 

Separate from the Endowment Fund, this annual fund will help cover the costs of smaller recurring, unexpected, or much needed updates to our daily operations outside of the annual budget. Some examples include:

  • Programmatic support
  • Student scholarships
  • Animal care
  • Trail maintenance
  • Hiring seasonal employees
  • Building, grounds and equipment repairs

Looking to make a donation in memory or in honor of someone? Please select "This is a tribute donation" through the link below.

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Donate to our Endowment Fund

The Friends of Beaver Creek Reserve Endowment Fund was established to ensure the future of the Reserve in an uncertain time. If needed, the General Fund would support the Reserve's daily operations and has been used to complete special projects outside of the annual budget. The General Fund makes certain that Beaver Creek Reserve will be able to achieve our mission of connecting people with nature for generations to come.

Besides the General Fund, four other named funds were started to support specific aspects of our operations:

Jim Schwiebert Butterfly House Fund

The Jim Schwiebert Butterfly House fund provides long-term financial support for the Butterfly House at Beaver Creek Reserve. Funds will be used for unexpected repairs, supplies and other needed items.

The Henke Acres Fund

Created by the Henke Family, this fund ensures the future of Beaver Creek Reserve’s Henke Acres property. This fund will be used to maintain the property, build structures, and fund programs and scientific studies held on the Henke Acres land.

Doug and Kate Lindsay Adventure Fund

Created when Kate retired as Administrator of the Friends of Beaver Creek Reserve, this fund is used to purchase or replace recreational equipment like kayaks, GPS units, snowshoes, skis and binoculars used by visitors, camp rental groups, and program attendees.

The Citizen Science Center Fund

The Citizen Science Center, the only one of its kind in Wisconsin, has a secure and stable future thanks to this fund. Donations to the CSC Fund will be used to continue field surveys, add new programs, maintain necessary staff levels, and provide professional development.

Tom Thompson and Barb Menzies-Thompson Nature Education Fund

Created by Barb Menzies-Thompson in memory of Tom Thompson, Beaver Creek Reserve’s first Naturalist, to provide and improve environmental education opportunities for students and staff through field trips and public programs.

Looking to make a donation in memory or in honor of someone? Please select "This is a tribute donation" through the link below.

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Donate to our Turtle Fund

We are looking to construct a larger, turtle enclosure for Snapper, our resident snapping turtle, who has outgrown his current tank. This new enclosure will be large enough to accommodate further, future growth. It will consist of natural water elements, along with rock and other natural material to give our turtles the most realistic habitat, and support Snapper as he continues to grow!

This is where we need your help! Our goal is to raise over $50,000 to help cover the costs of this new turtle enclosure expansion. Thank you for supporting Snapper, and Beaver Creek Reserve!

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Donate to our Amazon Wish List

Check out our Amazon wish list! We appreciate all types of donations here at Beaver Creek. Whether you are giving a monetary donation, product donation, donating your time as a volunteer, or supporting us in other ways, we are so thankful for your contributions to our organization. But are you looking for more ways to give? Check out our Amazon wish list and see all the items we are in need of for our programs, animal care, maintenance updates, and more! Buy items from our wish list and have them directly shipped to us. Click on the link below to access our list.

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Your donation supports:

  • Environmental Education Programs
  • The Greenhouse and Butterfly House
  • Exhibit upkeep and improvements
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Summer Camp Scholarships
  • Special Equipment or Wish List Items
  • Cost of Operating BCR