Butterfly House

Our Butterfly House is NOW OPEN for the summer, and will close Sunday, September 1 for the season. Click HERE to learn more!

BCR Woodprints Newsletter

As a member of Beaver Creek Reserve, you will receive our quarterly newsletter Woodprints by mail or email depending on your preferences. Woodprints covers the latest news from Beaver Creek Reserve, upcoming program information, kids pages, volunteer opportunities, special event coverage, environmental education articles, store sales, club news and much more! Not a member?  Become one today.

2022 Update

After much consideration, we have discontinued our seasonal printed Woodprints newsletter. Since 2020, we have been sending out a bi-weekly Current Happenings newsletter via email. We feel this is a more sustainable way to share Beaver Creek updates & information, as well as a way to share current news more frequently. These newsletters share recent "happenings" going on at Beaver Creek Reserve, which may include notes from our Naturalists, new YouTube videos and blog posts, as well as membership updates. Stay connected and look for a new Current Happenings every other Wednesday!

This Week's Current Happenings

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